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Integrated Proaction Corp

Integrated Proaction Corp


Integrated ProAction Corp. (IPaC) is a complete surveying, engineering, forestry and digital solutions firm. We provide full-phase consulting services with focused areas of discipline in Forestry, Survey and Engineering, Environmental Services, Business Development and CAD/GIS Mapping and Geomatics. At IPaC, we strive to provide practical, timely and cost-effective solutions to the varied challenges that our clients encounter as they fulfill their missions. We understand that the future of our business is linked to our ability to provide quality service to our customers, while ensuring the safety of our employees, the public and other job-site workers. We are honoured to be partners with First Nations' organizations across British Columbia, Canada. We continue to develop our relationships while we work respectfully and diligently for mutual growth. Loyal customers have proven to be a critical success factor over the past 19 years of business. Loyalty is always earned. We work very hard to fulfill the expectations of our customers, and maintain a focus on adding value. We link our key resource, our people, to our customer's organization in a manner that fosters an atmosphere of professionalism and that promotes those concepts that typify high-performing teams - mutual respect and reliance, open and timely communication, mission specific and results oriented.

Services We Offer Related Surveyors Construction

  • culvert site plans
  • engineered crossing surveys
  • engineering cad
  • implementation of lidar survey data
  • drainage structures
  • road engineering
  • traffic management plans
  • earthwork quantities
  • rail crossings
  • pipeline crossings
  • bridge site plans
  • topographic surveys
  • road design
  • procurement
  • surface modeling
  • road reconaissance


  • Address: 1425 Hugh Allan Dr
  • Kamloops
  • Website

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