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iNFOnews Vernon

iNFOnews Vernon


Since 2012, InfoTel News Ltd has brought local news that truly matters to online readers in our communities. Vernon, Penticton, Kamloops and Kelowna are distinct communities, each with its own perspective, successes and challenges—they can’t be served well through a single page. We have distinct sections for each city and reporters and photographers on the ground bringing you breaking news, weather, trends, local politics, crime and sure, even some fun. Together our reporters and editors have more than 30 years experience and follow the highest standards of journalism. And we’re always backed up by top provincial, national and international news as well as sports, business, entertainment and lifestyle news you need. We always want to know how we’re doing. To give us some feedback, suggest a correction, note a typo, provide a tip for a possible story or feature, simply send an email to editor Marshall Jones at

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