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Welcome to Gilchrist & Co.

With 20 years of experience in their fields, the team at Gilchrist & Company offers advice and services in areas such as commercial law, estate law, divorce law, civil litigation, real estate and much much more. We offer percentage fees and free initial consultations (for personal injury claims only) for ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia).

At Gilchrist & Company we listen to your concerns and we work hard to obtain the best results for you in a prompt and cost-effective manner.

For legal advice that will leave you feeling secure, call Gilchrist & Company today at 250-492-3033 and book a consultation with one of our attorneys.

About Us

The team of Steve Gjukich, Geoff Severide, Bernice Greig and Richard P. Thompson provide quality, knowledgeable counsel on a variety of legal matters.

Areas of Service

At Gilchrist & Company, we offer a variety of services to meet all of our clients needs. From Business Law to Real Estate Conveyance, we have the tools and abilities to serve you. Take a moment to read over our services and then call us today to set up an appointment!

Business Law – If you run your own business, have frequent dealings with vendors or contractors, or are involved in a sensitive employee-related issue, Gilchrist and Company can assist you.

General Civil Litigation – For those seeking monetary damages or remedies instead of criminal sanctions, our specialists are here to help.

Corporate & Commercial Law – We have experience in working in-house for corporations and businesses. Call us today for consultation on your issue.

Wills & Estates – What happens to your remains and property after you’ve gone can be an emotionally draining and exasperating ordeal for your loved ones. Gilchrist and Company will help you put all the pieces in place to minimize their burden and confusion.

Criminal Law – With sentencing guidelines changing frequently, it’s important to have someone on your team who is up-to-speed with current practices and standards; especially if the outcome could mean that someone would go to prison.

Mediation and Arbitration Services – Negotiating and manoeuvring towards what you think is a fair outcome can be tricky. Our experts are here to assist you.

Divorces – No-Fault, Uncontested, Simplified or Limited - Gilchrist and Company can guide you through these proceedings and offer valuable advice as you divide your property, assets and time with the children.

Personal Injury – If you’ve been hurt or injured and feel you are entitled to damages, or if someone is making such a claim against you, we have the experience to get to the truth of the matter and settle the dispute.

Collections – When you are rightfully owed money, there are legal avenues you can take to reclaim what’s owed. Gilchrist and Company can help you with this process.

Insurance Claims – Individuals doing battle with insurance companies is almost always a no-win situation. Strengthen your position with Gilchrist and Company on your side.

Mortgages – Settlements, Foreclosure, or a Deed in Lieu? Your property settlement will be handled expediently, thoroughly and professionally.

Real Estate Conveyance – Gilchrist and Company can assist you in transferring proprietary interest between two or more parties.
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  • collections
  • divorce lawyers
  • estate law
  • personal injury lawyer
  • real estate law
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