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ENVIRO Pro Pest Control Ltd

ENVIRO Pro Pest Control Ltd
Peachland, BC
Tired of calling the local pest control guy year after year for the same problems? Looking for a team that provides environmentally friendly, long-term solutions instead of temporary fixes? EnviroPro Pest Control Ltd. is here to deal with your pest problems once and for all. We are an Okanagan-based company providing a full range of pest control services that are not only environmentally conscious, safe, and low-impact, but are sure to last. We provide pest control solutions to residential, commercial, and industrial clients. We deal with all pest problems ranging from termites, ants and spiders to rodents, birds, fruit tree service and more! Give us a call today to learn more about how we can effectively take care of your pest problems in an environmentally conscious way.
Products & Services Offered
  • ant removal
  • bat removal
  • bed bug control
  • bed bug removal
  • bedbug removal
  • black widow spider removal
  • bug control
  • bug inspection
  • carpenter ant removal
  • cockroach removal
  • commercial pest control
  • deer mice removal
  • get rid of ants
  • get rid of bed bugs
  • get rid of black widow spiders
  • get rid of carpenter ants
  • get rid of cockroaches
  • get rid of deer mice
  • get rid of mice
  • get rid of moths
  • get rid of pack rats
  • get rid of pigeons
  • get rid of raccoons
  • get rid of rats
  • get rid of rodents
  • get rid of roof rats
  • get rid of spiders
  • get rid of termites
  • get rid of wasp nest
  • get rid of wasps
  • industrial pest control
  • marmot removal
  • mice removal
  • millipede control
  • moth removal
  • mouse removal
  • pack rat removal
  • pest control services
  • pigeon removal
  • raccoon removal
  • rat control
  • rat removal
  • residential pest control
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