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Bugman Pest Control Services Inc

Bugman Pest Control Services Inc


The Bugman Pest Control has over 35 years in professionally dealing with any and all pest threats to your home and health. Most of our work includes ants, black widow, hobo and other spiders, bed bugs, termites, fleas, wasps, earwigs, millipedes, flies, stink-bugs, beetles, crickets, stored product pests, mice, rats, bats, pigeons, starlings and other pests that are bugging you. Our friendly, professional pest control technicians are government licensed and we offer prompt and thorough service for your property. We also have a full range of services available for your commercial enterprises, to protect you, your employees, and your clients. Whatever your pests, wherever they are; its our problem not yours.

Services We Offer Related Pest Control Exterminating And Fumigating

  • natural based pest control
  • government licensed technicians
  • ant control
  • bats
  • bedbugs extermination
  • black widow spider removal
  • bronze birch borer
  • carpenter ant removal
  • carpet beetles
  • centipedes
  • cockroach extermination
  • deer mice
  • earwigs
  • fruit tree bugs
  • gypsy moth
  • hobo spiders
  • june bugs
  • maple bugs
  • marmot removal
  • millipedes
  • moles
  • pigeon control
  • raccoon control
  • rat control
  • skunk removal
  • sow bugs
  • spider mites
  • termites
  • viburnum leaf beetle
  • white flies


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