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Avery Law Office

Avery Law Office


PROUD TO BE THE 2015 RECIPENT OF THE SUMMERLAND BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL SERVICES EXCELLENCE AWARD Avery Law Office is an Okanagan-based law office owned by lawyer Denese Espeut-Post. The office is located in the heart of downtown Summerland, British Columbia. Areas of Practice include trade-marks, wills & estate planning and administration, corporate law with a focus on small to mid-size private businesses and real estate conveyancing. In addition to being a practicing lawyer in British Columbia, Denese is also a member of the Law Society of Alberta and the only registered trade-mark agent in the South Okanagan. On a more personal note, Denese is a proud resident of Summerland and orchard owner. With 14 years of legal expertise, you can feel confident working with our team at Avery Law Office. You are invited to experience our friendly, professional and passionate team. In addition to our areas of practice, come see us if you need a B.C. Notary, an Alberta Notary or trade-mark services provided by a trade-mark agent certified by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. Avery Law Office is proud to be a member of the Summerland Chamber. WILLS & ESTATES Avery Law Office can assist you with estate planning. Planning for your death or unexpected events that leave you incapable of handling matters places you in control of the distribution of your assets. We can assist you with your Last Will, Power of Attorney, Representation Agreement, Nomination of Committee, trust and/or Advance Directive. We also handle estate administration and probate matters including applications for a Grant of Probate and Letters of Administration. TRADE-MARKS You know that you cannot name your BC wine “Bordeaux” but do you know why? If you design a distinctive wine bottle, did you know that you may be able to legally protect its colour and shape? Did you know that the name of your corporation registered in the BC Registry does not mean you have a registered trade-mark or give you the benefits of a trade-mark registration? Come see us if you would like to register a trade-mark, discuss the protection of your trade name or brand or believe someone is infringing upon your trade-mark. REAL ESTATE Avery Law Office can handle your real estate needs including land acquisitions and dispositions, purchase and sale contracts and conveyancing.


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  • Address: #107-13615 Victoria Rd N
  • Summerland
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