Woodland Park Zoo takes in first of 2 rhinos for new exhibit

SEATTLE - The Woodland Park Zoo has taken in its first rhinoceros.

The Seattle Times reports that Taj, a 17-month-old male greater one-horned rhino, arrived last Friday at the zoo following a two-day trip from San Diego Zoo Safari Park, where he was born.

Taj is the first of two rhinos expected to be featured at the zoo's new special exhibit, Assam Rhino Reserve, opening May 5.

The other rhino will also be a male, named Glenn.

Glenn was born one day after his future companion in November 2016 at The Wilds, a conservation centre and safari park located in Cumberland, Ohio.

The zoo's new reserve will showcase the greater one-horned rhinos, also known as Indian rhinos, Asian brown tortoises and demoiselle cranes.


Information from: The Seattle Times, http://www.seattletimes.com

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