Protest in southern Virginia follows a fatal police shooting

DANVILLE, Va. - Protesters have rallied outside a municipal building in southern Virginia after the fatal shooting of a man police say had turned on officers in "a threatening manner."

The Danville Register & Bee reports officers in Danville responded to a reported domestic assault early Sunday and fatally shot 25-year-old Juan Markee Jones. A police statement says Jones initially fled in a car as officers approached, failed to heed police commands to exit the vehicle. Police say he "turned" on officers after they tried to use a stun gun, leading to the shooting.

Those rallying outside Danville's Municipal Building on Monday afternoon chanted: "We want justice, we want peace."

In a statement earlier, Danville Police Chief Scott Booth cautioned against a rush to judgment.

The races of those involved weren't immediately disclosed.


Information from: Danville Register & Bee,

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