Immigrant accused of murders in Guatemala facing deportation

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Federal authorities are attempting to deport a Guatemalan immigrant living in Rhode Island who denies allegations he was involved in dozens of murders and kidnappings during a civil war in his home country in the 1980s.

Juan Samayoa appeared Friday in federal Immigration Court in Boston. He urged a judge not to deport him because he could be tortured upon his return to Guatemala. The judge is expected to rule March 26.

Boston radio station WBUR reports that Guatemalan authorities have an arrest warrant for Samayoa and accuse him of being involved in the killings and kidnappings of indigenous Mayans.

Samayoa lives in Providence. He entered the U.S. illegally in 1992 and was ordered deported years ago after his asylum application was rejected. Federal authorities arrested him in October.

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