Connecticut man charged in infant's death held on $1M bond

NEW BRITAIN, Conn. - A Connecticut man facing charges for allegedly failing to seek medical care for his 1-month-old son when he realized the infant was unresponsive and possibly dead has been held on $1 million bond.

Prosecutors said at Divya Patel's arraignment Monday that there was about a five-hour delay between when Patel told the baby's mother the infant had stopped breathing and when police found him at a Rocky Hill hotel on Saturday. Authorities say despite being urged to do so by the baby's mother, the 34-year-old Patel never sought medical help. The child was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Patel is charged with risk of injury to a child and evidence tampering.

The cause and manner of death remain under investigation.

Patel's public defender requested lower bond so he could grieve with family.

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