TRENDING NOW: The blinker fluid prank but with a bonus twist

A father asks his two daughters to go get blinker fluid and a bucket of steam. The coupon was a great touch.

This prank has more than the whole family laughing. The store staff still tried to help the girls while holding back laughter.

In this image released by Disney-Pixar, character Hector, voiced by Gael Garcia Bernal, left, and Miguel, voiced by Anthony Gonzalez, appear in a scene from the animated film, "Coco."
In 'Coco,' Pixar journeys to Mexico and beyond the grave
NEW YORK - Pixar films have never been shy about death. The "Toy Story" films are, in part, about mortality. The poetic highlight of "Up" is a wordless sequence of a spouse's passing. The Earth, itself, was left for dead i

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