TRENDING NOW: Playtime has begun whether you're up or not

This is either about a terribly rude person, er, dog trying to disturb that poor pig who just wants to sleep in or it's about the lazy friend who just wouldn't get up and play. 

That might depend on your own perspective. Either way, we've all probably been there. 

We offer you one — just ONE — viral video per day that we call TRENDING NOW. It’s not ours, it’s not news, it’s not vital or even useful — unless it makes you smile. Got a video you want to share? Hit us up on our Facebook Page or email and be sure to tell us why.

This image released by Universal Pictures shows a scene from "Pacific Rim Uprising."
MOVIE REVIEW: 'Pacific Rim Uprising' is cheer-at-the-screen fun
  OPINION At the end of the monsters-versus-robots flick "Pacific Rim," a breach at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean is closed, plugging a hole that allowed hellish creatures to emerge and terrorize the globe.

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