Threatening calls to women appear to be linked, B.C. police warn

VANCOUVER - Police in British Columbia's Lower Mainland have issued a warning about disturbing phone calls to women.

RCMP say a male caller accurately identifies the woman's name and address and claims he has been watching her through cameras allegedly installed inside her home.

The man then demands the woman engage in sexually explicit conversation, threatening that if she doesn't, she or a family member will be killed.

Police say there is no evidence cameras have actually been installed in the homes and investigators believe the caller is gathering information about the women through social media.

Most of the women receive calls at their home phone numbers, but calls have also been made to female employees at lingerie and swimwear stores.

RCMP urge anyone who has received a call and not reported it to contact police immediately.

They also recommend that anyone who receives a threatening call record the number, hang up and not engage in conversation.

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