Terrace RCMP investigate Facebook post declaring "open season" on First Nations

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TERRACE, B.C. - Terrace RCMP are investigating allegations that a hate crime was committed when someone posted a racist tirade on Facebook declaring "open season" on First Nations people.

The comments appear to have come from a local man's Facebook account and were a response to a recent Terrace Standard news article.

The newspaper's blocking software quickly removed the comment but not before a screenshot was taken and posted on a Facebook page belonging to West Coast Native News.

The screenshot has been shared more than 1,500 times and appears to show a comment that says the "only good Indian is a dead Indian" and "let's have open season on 'em."

RCMP Const. Angela Rabut says Mounties are now looking into it, but she adds it's unfortunate that negative comments attract so much attention and spread so quickly.

She says the Terrace detachment has been getting complaints about it from as far away as Saskatchewan.

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