Swan Lake Master Wastewater Recovery Project update

Swan Lake
Image Credit: neilanderson77 via Instagram

The North Okanagan Wastewater Recovery Partnership (Township of Spallumcheen, Okanagan Indian Band and Electoral Areas “B” and “C” of the Regional District of North Okanagan) is moving forward with the Master Wastewater Recovery Project.

The Partners have collaborated over the past year on a Phase I Feasibility Study. Phase I explored options for providing wastewater treatment in the Swan Lake Corridor. A wastewater treatment facility would facilitate economic development opportunities and provide a mechanism to improve the quality of Swan Lake.

The Partners have agreed to move forward with submission of an application to the BC Rural Dividend Program for funding to complete Phase II. The Phase II Feasibility Study will refine technical aspects of the project, as well as examine funding options and governance structures.

“The Township strongly supports the purpose and work of the Partnership to undertake Phase II of the project as it will maximize development potential of existing and future industrial / commercial lands, and provide a source of irrigation water for local farm operations,” said Township of Spallumcheen Mayor Janice Brown. “The project will facilitate long term planning for future development in our areas,” added Directors Bob Fleming and Mike Macnabb.

“The benefits to the OKIB community include increased capacity to develop Swan Lake Reserve No. 4 with numerous identified uses including tourism and commercial / light industrial developments,” said Chief Louis.

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