Residents advised to avoid dangerous activity near Enderby rail crossing

ENDERBY – Canadian Pacific, the City of Enderby and the Enderby RCMP are urging local residents to stop the practice of leaving or accessing Highway 97A by crossing CP property in the area of Bass Avenue and Brickyard Road.

This practice, which takes place along the old Okanagan Subdivision, is not only trespassing on CP property but a serious public safety issue for those individuals electing to take this dangerous short-cut. 

CP, the City of Enderby and the B.C. Ministry of Transportation are taking steps to curb this activity. Enderby RCMP and the CP Police Service will be monitoring the area and will conduct enforcement accordingly under the Motor Vehicle Act as well as the B.C. Trespass Act.

While CP no longer operates a rail line in this location, the property still belongs to the railway. Accessing this property is considered trespassing and people can be ticketed for these activities. No trespassing signs are posted along the corridor.

Residents who see unsafe or illegal activity are urged to call the Enderby RCMP at 250-838-6818 or the CP Police Service at 1-800-716-9132.

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