Resident-exempt parking area policy balances resident parking needs

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Vernon City Council has approved the implementation of a Resident-Exempt Parking Area (REPA) policy. Both permit holders and non-permit holders may park in a REPA, but residents will be able to purchase permits that exempt them from the posted parking controls, such as a two-hour time limit or a set time of the day when no parking can occur). The policy balances the on-street parking needs of residents and non-residents in Vernon neighbourhoods.

As a first step, the City has prepared a draft REPA plan for the neighbourhoods surrounding the Vernon Jubilee Hospital, which is a particularly congested on-street parking area. Before implementation, the City will engage with residents in the area to determine their level of support for the proposed parking changes. As is the case with all parking control changes, parking will be monitored in the neighbourhood to measure its success and identify further changes, if required.

“The new REPA policy will provide guidance for both residents and City staff to follow” said Amanda Watson, Manager of Transportation for the City of Vernon. “We receive several requests for resident parking each year, and this will help identify suitable neighbourhoods. As REPAs require resources in terms of signage, administration and enforcement, the City must ensure that we allocate resources appropriately and efficiently.”

There are currently two existing REPAs in Vernon. Following Council’s endorsement of the REPA policy, the City will review these areas and report back to Council at a future meeting.

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