Environment Canada says southern Quebec smog alert could last until Wednesday

MONTREAL - Environment Canada says a smog alert it issued for southern Quebec late Sunday is expected to continue through Tuesday and possibly into Wednesday morning.

The areas of the province affected run from Montreal through to Quebec City and also include the Eastern Townships, the Beauce region and Montmagny, northeast of Quebec City.

The federal agency says the alert can probably be blamed on the increased use of wood-burning stoves because of colder temperatures as well as cars and industrial activity.

Spokesman Bruno Marquis says atmospheric conditions have remained stable in the affected areas, there is not much air circulation and winds are calm, leaving pollutants close to the ground.

Smog can cause a number of harmful effects such as breathing difficulties, coughing and eye irritation. It can also aggravate the symptoms of people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases like asthma, bronchitis or emphysema.

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