Looking for a forever home; Kamloops SPCA pet of the week

Image Credit: Submitted/B.C. SPCA

KAMLOOPS - This lovable kitten had a rough start to life. She was found severely injured and abandoned on the side of a highway. In her short time with the SPCA, she had her tail removed and had pins placed into her broken knee. Her broken nose has healed with only a tiny bump to show for it.

The pins have been removed from her knee and although that leg is a little weaker than the others right now, it appears to be healing nicely. Unfortunately, with how her leg had to be wrapped to protect the broken knee, her broken pelvis has started to heal at an awkward angle.

Little Lynx is only six months old.

This incorrect healing has made it physically difficult for Lynx to poop. To help her with this challenge, she is on a special soft food only diet and takes medication three times a day. It is a challenge, but she is a trooper and as long as her meds are kept up she is a happy healthy kitten.

Lynx loves to play, likes other cats and puts up with dogs very well. She is still a little skittish around people, but is getting better every day. Lynx is a wonderful kitten with lots of love to share. She needs someone to give her a nice indoor life and keep up with her meds.

Lynx's Animal ID is 415586.

Visit the Kamloops Branch webpage for more information such as location, adoption fees, and hours of operation.

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