Looking for a forever home; Kamloops SPCA pet of the week

Image Credit: Contributed/B.C. SPCA

KAMLOOPS - This week Kamloops SPCA is featuring two guinea pigs that should go to their new home together.

Alvin was found as a stray and brought in to the SPCA. He's a bit scared and the staff do not believe he should go to a home with little children. Alvin is very easy to take care of and gives out a wonderful squeal when you give him his daily fruits and veggies, and of course, those wonderful carrot tops and/or romaine lettuce.

Pico is a great pet. He's a little scared right now but should come around quickly with love, patience and the enticement of food. Patience and a lot of attention will help him learn that humans are safe.

SPCA staff reminds the public that guinea pigs need a specialized diet of daily fruits and veggies, and carrot tops and/or romaine lettuce.

Pico's Animal ID is 413607.

Alvin's Animal ID is 411147.

Visit the Kamloops Branch webpage for more information such as location, adoption fees, and hours of operation.


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