Longboards better than video games in Kamloops

Skateboarding and longboarding on most residential streets is allowed as long as the rules of the road are followed.

Providing safe locations for longboarding and skateboarding is important to the city, but Kamloops councillors agree with city staff that bylaws surrounding these activities do not need attention right now.

In letters sent to council this month, Lorri and Kelvin Bradley expressed concern over longboarders utilizing the area of Monarch Drive and Springhill Drive. They were concerned with the safety of the area being used as a boarder playground but were even more concerned with the disruption and noise caused by the boarders.

In discussions with the residents, Jon Wilson of the bylaws department says the concern is more with the noise, which is covered by a noise bylaw that applies to all times of the day.

For the most part councillors would rather avoid placing additional restrictions on young residents.

“I don't want to be more restrictive,” Coun. Donovan Cavers says, “unless we want them playing video games all day.”

While Coun. Pat Wallace notes the area where the Bradleys live is great if you are a longboarder, council agrees they want to see a safe place for boarders to practice their sport. Parks director Byron McCorkell says discussions are still to be had around the West Highlands Park in Aberdeen and there is still the possibility space could be allotted for longboarders.

Wilson says there are not any specific routes staff would like to see added to the bylaw right now, nor have staff considered changing surfaces to utilize deterrents such as rumble strips to keep boarders off certain roadways.

“There are not any specific routes we want to add right now. They're supposed to stop at intersections, use due diligence and use due consideration.”

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