Envelopes with white powder found at offices of federal ministers in Quebec

Maxime Bernier
Image Credit: Wikipedia

MONTREAL - Police in Quebec are investigating after envelopes containing white powder were sent to the riding offices of at least two federal ministers.

They say a third suspicious envelope has also been found in the riding office of another cabinet minister, Maxime Bernier.

The office of Infrastructure Minister Denis Lebel in Roberval, about 250 kilometres north of Quebec City, was evacuated this morning after an employee found white powder in an envelope.

Two employees who came into contact with the powder are still quarantined in the riding office as firefighters analyze the scene.

Another envelope containing white powder was found in the riding office of International Development Minister Christian Paradis in Thetford Mines, south of Quebec City.

A police spokeswoman says the person who came into contact with the substance has been transported to hospital.

Christian Paradis and Denis Lebel.
Christian Paradis and Denis Lebel.
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