EDITOR'S NOTE: Local, local, local

Image Credit: Infotel News

While we bring you news and stories from across the world, the country and your province, we know the stories with most impact come from reporters right there on the ground.

Our reporters live in and are part of the communities they cover. In all cases, they have history there and know the issues.

They’re always around town, in City Hall, law courts, police stations as well as coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores and local businesses looking for news and stories that matter. Because what matters to you, matters to them.

As a team, we cover Kamloops, Kelowna, Vernon and Penticton but we work hard to give each city only the news that matters. Infotel.ca is really four different sites with separate home pages for each city. We keep local news local. At the same time, our communities share many of the same challenges and opportunities and we can bring ideas and concerns that can impact us all.

GEORGE: The liberty and liability of employee drug testing
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