Drivers take to social media to vent frustrations at gas shortage

Gas pumps closed off at the Battle Street and 10th Avenue Petro-Can location in Kamloops.

THOMPSON-OKANAGAN - As drivers start the work week in B.C.'s interior and find many gas stations are still dry, they are taking to social media with questions, concerns, outrage and odd theories about how we got here.

On Friday, June 3, several stations throughout the B.C. Interior were suddenly without fuel thanks to a refinery outage in Alberta and the outage persisted through the weekend. Below we offer a roundup of social media reactions to the odd situation. While some people think they've seen this situation before in movies, others suggest alternatives and in Kamloops a group have taken a different path, and set up a Facebook group to track the closures of gas stations due to the shortage.

Meanwhile, you might want to just get used to this. The refinery outage has no clear end in sight, according to petroleum analyst Dan McTeague.




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