Dog makes grim discovery; human foot in shoe on Vancouver Island beach

Image Credit: FILE PHOTO

SOOKE, B.C. - Another human foot has been found on British Columbia's coastline, the latest in more than a dozen such grim discoveries over the past decade.

RCMP say a man was walking his dogs on a beach in Sooke on Vancouver Island on Thursday when one of the dogs found the foot in a shoe with part of the leg attached.

The man contacted Mounties, who attended the scene along with a coroner, and the body part was seized and the area searched.

The investigation has been turned over to the B.C. Coroners Service and spokesman Andy Watson says an early analysis suggests the remains are human.

He says the coroner will work to determine the identity of the deceased, how the person died and whether it was accidental, a suicide or homicide.

At least 13 feet have washed up on B.C.'s coastline since 2007 and 10 of them have been identified as belonging to seven people.

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