Crown will not challenge outings for man who murdered his children

Allan Dwayne Schoenborn is shown in an undated RCMP handout photo.
Image Credit: RCMP handout

VANCOUVER - The Crown will not appeal a decision granting escorted community outings to a mentally ill British Columbia man who murdered his three children.

The B.C. Criminal Justice Branch has decided against legally challenging a decision by the B.C. Review Board granting Allan Schoenborn supervised day trips.

The ruling was made late last month by a three-member panel that spent one month deliberating over a decision that usually takes less than a day.

The branch says in a statement its members understand the terrible impact the case has had on the victims and has issued a lengthy explanation for making its legal conclusion.

Darcie Clarke, the children's mother, says in a statement the decision shows the B.C. government is willing to pay victims lip service, but will not back it up.

The board's ruling gives the hospital director discretion to direct trained staff to escort Schoenborn on highly managed excursions into suburban Vancouver.

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