City of Vernon releases travel survey findings

VERNON - City of Vernon Council heard the findings of the Household Travel Surveys on Monday, May 12, which were part of the City’s Transportation Plan Review. The surveys took place in 2013, when Vernon residents were asked where they travelled, how often and what mode of transportation they chose. Survey findings will be used to shape and update City targets and policies within the Transportation Plan.

Some of the information revealed by the survey included that the vast majority of trips that originate in Vernon on a daily basis—90 per cent—stay within the city. Additionally, 73 per cent of these are to destinations within five kilometres. However, 70 per cent of Vernon-based travel used single-occupant vehicles (SOV) rather than alternate modes of transportation such as walking, cycling, carpooling or transit. The City’s Transportation Plan has a goal of reducing Vernon-based SOV use to 62 per cent by 2038.

As the city grows, the number of trips will increase. If the percentage of SOV stays the same or increases, more and more commuter congestion will occur, particularly during the peak travel times. This congestion would negatively affect the liveability of the city and hinder local businesses and economic development. In order to avoid unacceptable congestion without expanding roads or building new ones, the City hopes to reduce the number of SOV trips under five kilometres, and encourage other forms of transportation such as walking or cycling. One person going work would only need to carpool, walk, cycle or take transit to work 20 days a year instead to achieve an 8 per cent reduction in SOV trips.

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