Call for nominations – Distinguished Service Award

KAMLOOPS - Kamloops City Council is inviting nominations for the City's Distinguished Service Award.

The Distinguished Service Award was initiated by mayor and council to acknowledge those who, over a period of time, have dedicated their time and service to the well-being of our community and its citizens.

The award is split into three categories:
 - Youth: 18 years and under
 - Young adult: 19 to 30 years
 - Adult: 30 years +

The following selection criteria will be applied:
 - Present members of council, city staff and groups do not qualify for nomination.
 - Individuals who have received Freedom of the City, a Centennial Medal, or a previous Distinguished Service Award will not qualify.
 - Nominees will have demonstrated commitment to various endeavours or services to the community over a period of time.
 - Nominees will have been residents of the City of Kamloops during their service to the community.
 - Nominations will not be accepted from family members of nominees.
 - The nominee’s service should be considered to be a voluntary contribution to the growth and development of the community or the well-being of its citizens.

The selected citizens will be invited to a formal reception to receive the Distinguished Service Award in recognition of their contributions to the community.

Last year’s honorable recipients included Jeff Arnold, Charlie Bruce, Edward "Ted" Erickson, Raymond Jolicoeur, Claire Moreau, Andrew Philpot, Helen Saemerow and Janice Yeung.

Nomination forms and copies of the selection criteria are available from City Hall reception or on the city’s website at Deadline for nominations is Friday, Feb. 27, 2015.

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