Nielsen's top programs for Oct. 30-Nov. 5

NEW YORK - Prime-time viewership numbers compiled by Nielsen for Oct. 30-Nov. 5. Listings include the week's ranking and viewership.

1. World Series Game 7: Houston at L.A. Dodgers, 28.29 million.

2. World Series Game 6: Houston at L.A. Dodgers, 22.33 million.

3. "60 Minutes," CBS, 15.09 million.

4. NFL Football: Oakland at Miami, NBC, 14.36 million.

5. "The Big Bang Theory," CBS, 14.16 million.

6. "Young Sheldon," CBS, 12.83 million.

7. "NCIS," CBS, 12.11 million.

8. "Sunday Night NFL Pre-Kick," NBC, 11.43 million.

9. "The Good Doctor," ABC, 10.58 million.

10. NFL Football: Denver at Kansas City," ESPN, 10.49 million.

11. "Dancing With the Stars," ABC, 9.93 million.

12. "Bull," CBS, 9.63 million.

13. "The Voice" (Monday), NBC, 9.62 million.

14. "Blue Bloods," CBS, 9.27 million.

15. "Football Night in America, Part 3," NBC, 9.11 million.

16. "NCIS: New Orleans," CBS, 8.86 million.

17. "Hawaii Five-0," CBS, 8.63 million.

18. "The Walking Dead," AMC, 8.52 million.

19. "Mom," CBS, 8.46 million.

20. "This is Us," NBC, 8.43 million.


ABC is owned by The Walt Disney Co.; CBS is a division of CBS Corp.; Fox is owned by 21st Century Fox; NBC is owned by NBC Universal.

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