A by-the-numbers look at Canada's population of homeless military veterans

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OTTAWA - A by-the-numbers look at the state of homelessness among Canadian military veterans:

2,250: Estimated number of veterans who use shelters annually.

639: Homeless veterans registered in Veteran Affairs Canada's database as of June 30.

232: Homeless veterans in the database who are between age 50 and 59.

138: Homeless veterans in the database who are over age 65.

235,000: Canadians who experience homelessness annually.

5-7: Range, in percentage points, of the homeless population who are veterans, based on municipal point-in-time homeless counts.

12,000: Estimated number of veterans experiencing homelessness in Canada, based on that spread.

40,000: Approximate number of veterans who experience homelessness in the United States annually.

47: Per cent by which the United States has decreased veterans homelessness since 2010 using measures being considered by Veterans Affairs Canada.

(Sources: Employment and Social Development Canada, Veterans Affairs Canada, Canadian Observatory on Homelessness,

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