2017 RDOS Citizen Surveys – Your Chance to Have your Say!

The Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen wants to know what you think about your local government and will be conducting both a telephone and online citizen’s survey in the coming weeks.

The 15 to 20 minute telephone survey is completely anonymous and will be conducted by Discovery Research with an accuracy of + / - 4.9%, at the 95% confidence level. The number of surveys in each of our eight electoral areas is based on a percentage formula utilizing the 2011 Population Census data.

The online survey is another way to determine the satisfaction of residents within the Regional District. It, too, is anonymous, and takes approximately 5 minutes to complete.

The 2017 Citizen Survey will be available to download from the Regional District website in mid-March.

The participation of our citizens is very important to the success of the survey and its use. Survey results will assist the Regional District Board to evaluate programs, improve services, and set budget priorities. Significant sections of the survey will question residents on Quality of Life, Service Satisfaction, Environment, Communications, Information Technology, and Fiscal Responsibility.

It is anticipated the results will be available in July and will be posted on the website at www.rdos.bc.ca.

For further information, please contact Christy Malden, at 250-492-0237 or cmalden@rdos.bc.ca.

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