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  • 'Finding the Mother Tree': Ecologist Suzanne Simard offers solutions to B.C.’s forest woes

    Everything in an ecosystem is connected. A tiny sapling relies on a towering ancient tree, just like a newborn baby depends on its mother. And that forest giant needs the bugs in the dirt, the salmon carcass brought to its roots by wolves and bears and the death and decay of its peers. It thrives not in isolation, but because of dizzyingly complex connections with other trees and plants through vast but tiny fungal networks hidden below the forest floor. 
  • Dredge work to improve canal linking Kalamalka and Wood Lakes tied up in red tape

    A Lake Country resident who wants to see safe passage for boaters between Kalamalka and Wood Lakes is frustrated the process to get approvals to dredge a canal connecting the two lakes has taken years.
  • Seeing the forest for the trees: searching for solutions in B.C.'s Kispiox Valley

    Clear plastic bags hang from small spigots plugged into birch trunks in a mixed stand of deciduous and coniferous trees on a hillside above the Kispiox River in northwest B.C. Denzel Sutherland-Wilson and his 19-year-old niece, Hailey Wilson, pour the birch water collected overnight from five trees into a 20-litre bucket, explaining they’ve been doing this every day for a couple of weeks. 
  • Slow down: Proceed like a turtle when on this West Kelowna road

    For many longtime Rose Valley residents, the turtles that migrate across Westlake Road on their way to breeding grounds mapped out in their DNA are a precious part of the community.
  • Work from home? New office towers in Kamloops, Kelowna defy the pandemic trend

    Construction of the 23-storey Landmark 7 office tower in Kelowna hasn’t slowed because of COVID-19.
  • $4M needs to be raised in community for Greater Vernon Cultural Centre

    Two years after the public gave the project the green light, politicians have agreed to the budget for the Greater Vernon Cultural Centre enabling a grant application to be submitted one week before a make-or-break deadline.
  • Car sales getting back to normal in B.C., Canada

    It may just be pent-up demand caused by a crash in new car sales during the height of the COVID-19 lockdown or, it might be a sign that the economy is in a strong recovery mode, but July was the best month of the year for car sales in Canada and ICBC reports a surge in vehicle registrations.
  • Protests support Floyd, Black Lives Matter on 4 continents

    BERLIN - Tens of thousands of people gathered Saturday in cities far from the United States to express anger over the death of George Floyd, a sign that the Black Lives Matter movement against police brutality is resonating with wider calls to address racism from Australia to Europe.
  • Amid coronavirus news, many need to step away

    NEW YORK - Heidi Van Roekel makes instructional art videos for YouTube when coronavirus news overwhelms her. Bill Webb takes his boat out. Stacy Mitchell searches her TV for something — anything — to make her laugh.
  • Okanagan student wins first round in HRT case over flashing lights in school performance

    The B.C. Human Rights Tribunal has ruled a case against an independent Okanagan school can move forward after a Grade 12 student launched a complaint stating the school failed to take into consideration her seizure disorder while she worked on a school performance that involved the use of strobe lighting.
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