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  • Schools find ways to keep gardening lessons blooming

    Like gardening in general, school gardening has become hugely popular during the pandemic, with families and teachers saying its hands-on lessons can be applied to many subjects.
  • Hoe no! Facebook snafu spells trouble for gardening group

    Moderating a Facebook gardening group in western New York is not without challenges. There are complaints of wooly bugs, inclement weather and the novice members who insist on using dish detergent on their plants.
  • Gardening: Buy or make a rain gauge to get watering right

    In my experience, gardeners often overestimate rainfall. A cloudburst might seem to have thoroughly saturated the ground, but scratch down an inch and you might find bone-dry soil.
  • Gardening: For easy, effective weeding, go back to the hoe

    I’ll bet that in some corner of your toolshed or garage, an old hoe is leaning against a wall. A hoe that hasn’t seen use in a long, long time, having been replaced by, perhaps, a gasoline- or electric-powered tiller, chemical weed killers, or mulches.
  • Three common garden pests - and a 17-year visitor who isn't

    OK, so you’ve got your vegetable and flower transplants in the ground, their roots are reaching out into surrounding soil, and stems are starting to grow.
  • Artist publishes 100 drawings from Peru's COVID-19 pandemic

    LIMA, Peru (AP) — With a pencil and a notebook, artist Edilberto Jiménez walks the streets of Lima and cities in the Andes mountains collecting stories and images about the coronavirus health crisis that has devastated Peru.
  • Gathering again? Gifts to wow and thank your host

    The weather has warmed up, a lot of vaccines have gotten into a lot of arms, and many of us are getting ready to gather with friends (following all CDC safety guidelines) for the first time in well over a year.
  • Monet's gardens reopening, a picture-perfect pandemic tonic

    GIVERNY, France (AP) — Beneath the scudding clouds and amid the luscious blooms, the gardeners tend the flowerbeds that were the pride and joy of impressionist painter Claude Monet, with pink and white striped tulips, diaphanous peonies, sky-blue forget-me-nots and myriad other flowers together creating a living art work.
  • Clay, sand, silt, loam: How different soils affect gardens

    By now, you probably know what kind of soil you have out there in your “back 40.” If planting that rose bush brought up wads of gummy goo, you know to call it clay. If instead you scooped up gritty particles that didn’t clump together, you have the other extreme, a sand.
  • BC Hydro report raises safety concerns as pandemic prompts jump in yard work

    VANCOUVER - A new report from BC Hydro says a concerning trend is emerging as British Columbians seek relief from COVID-19 restrictions by sprucing up the yards around their homes.

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