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Unique toenail service not typically offered at clinics or spas, now available in Kelowna

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It is a common misconception that ingrown nails, or thick/discoloured toenails, are predominantly a problem for the geriatric population. However, all age groups can suffer from a variety of toenails concerns.

Toenail Masters on Ambrosi Road in Kelowna, B.C. specializes in services for toenails that spa pedicures and salons typically don’t address. These services are available to the public without physician referral.

Toenail Masters was originally created as a consulting/training program for qualified aestheticians and foot care nurses. However, services have also been offered to the public in Calgary and also in Kelowna since 2020.

“Giving people hope that they can have beautiful toenails again is my favourite thing about this work”, says Jen Heaton, founder of Toenail Masters. “Not only do I love the often drastic transformations, but I find it extremely gratifying to see the confidence boost this gives clients.”

Toenail Masters' ingrown toenail service is a non-surgical, non-medical and non-painful cosmetic corrective application that provides often drastic visual change for excessive, ugly or irritating curvature of a nail. The service typically takes less time than an average spa, medical, dental, or salon visit, without any stress. Unsightly, thick or discolored nails can also benefit from Toenail Masters’ services, which do not hurt, do not require needles or freezing, never involve cutting or slicing, and don’t require any downtime or recovery. Toenail Masters is not a podiatry or medical clinic and doesn’t offer medical or surgical procedures.

Toenail Masters’ fee for services range from $85-$145 and aren’t covered under B.C. healthcare, nor do their receipts qualify for submission to benefit plans. Out-of-pocket expenses might be a deterrent for some suffering from embarrassing toenails, and so Toenail Masters compassionately offers an in-house subsidy for single parents and qualifying individuals, based on need.

Consultations are conducted in a private setting, and for toenails qualifying for their scope of service Toenail Masters proudly offers a visual improvement money-back guarantee. A one-time offer for complementary consultation can be found on their website at, or they can be reached directly at (250) 258-1622.

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