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TwinCon Enterprises' HydroVac: Leading Excavation into the Future

Hydrovac Hole
Hydrovac Hole
Image Credit: Adobe Stock

TwinCon Enterprises Ltd. in Penticton is one of the largest excavation companies in the Southern Interior. For over fifteen years, the company's expertise and reliability in earth moving, subdivision development, and civil construction has firmly established its excellent reputation in traditional excavation services on large projects. However, using state-of-the-art HydroVac technology is now expanding the way they approach the challenges of safe and cost-efficient excavation.

Brent Lyons, TwinCon's Lead-Hand for HydroVac Operations, describes it this way: "HydroVac is a non-invasive way to expose existing infrastructure underground. We use it as well to safely dig trenches while installing new infrastructure like water and sewer pipes or electrical conduit."

HydroVac technology, or hydro excavation, is an accurate method of excavating soil and debris using pressurized water and an industrial-strength vacuum. With its precision and control, HydroVac technology enables operators to safely work around utilities without the risk of damaging or disrupting service. Hydro excavation also minimizes environmental impact by reducing soil disturbance and preventing contamination from excavated materials. It's suitable for all types of terrain, including rocky and hard-to-reach and congested areas where traditional excavation methods may not be feasible, making it a versatile option for every excavation project.

Twincon Hydrovac Truck
Twincon Hydrovac Truck
Image Credit: Twincon Enterprises

Trenchless pipe repair is a service currently offered by Twincon. With the ability to perform these repairs using HydroVac technology, they can provide a comprehensive solution for underground utilities to visually inspect every nook and cranny of the pipe using high-definition CCTV cameras to look for cracks and obstructions that could lead to future problems. "Consider the cost to bring in trucks and extensive excavation. This is a solution that avoids the possibility of needing to shut a road down, and avoid hitting other infrastructure while you're going in to repair damage," Lyons adds.

With TwinCon's forward-thinking approach and commitment to innovation, it is clear that they are not just keeping up with industry trends but leading the way toward a better, sustainable future for both residential and commercial construction. To find out more about how their HydroVac service might work for your next construction excavation project, check out Twincon Enterprises' website at and give them a call at (778) 646-2082 to discuss your requirements or to schedule a site visit.

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