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The Convenience of Pharmaceutical Compounding

Kiwi Pharmacy & Wellness Compounding Lab
Kiwi Pharmacy & Wellness Compounding Lab
Image Credit: Kiwi Pharmacy & Wellness

Pharmaceutical compounding is when your local pharmacist creates custom medications. The combined ingredients can be made up in the exact strength and dosage required by a patient according to their unique needs.

Compounding pharmaceuticals also helps if you might need a different form - such as capsules converted to a cream for topical application, or in a syrup for easier swallowing. Taste and colour can also be customized for patients, making their medication more palatable. Compounding pharmaceuticals provides many benefits over mass-marketed options and offers a unique solution for patients with specific needs.

Your pharmacist will also be able to remove ingredients that might cause an allergic reaction. They can also produce a custom dosage different from what’s available in standard pharmaceutical packages.

As members of the Canadian Pharmacists Association, Okanagan pharmacists welcome the opportunity to create customized medications to better serve their clients. Did you know that pharmaceutical compounding is regulated by provincial pharmacy authorities and only licensed pharmacists are allowed to compound medications? It’s important for us all to know, when asking for a compounded prescription, that the preparation must comply with federal and provincial regulations and standards.

Compounding is usually done on a case-by-case basis and customized drugs are only prepared in very limited quantities.

Recently, when children’s Tylenol was scarce, compounding was a way for Kiwi Pharmacy in Kelowna to address this lack of product availability.

Kiwi Pharmacy & Wellness Compounding Lab
Kiwi Pharmacy & Wellness Compounding Lab
Image Credit: Adobe Stock

Do I need a compounding pharmacy?

There are many benefits to visiting a pharmacy in the Kelowna area that offers compounding medications. First, the pharmacists at these pharmacies are highly trained in the process of compounding and can explain all of the details of the medication to you. They can also work directly with your doctor to determine the best course of action for your individual needs. Additionally, compounding pharmacies often carry a wide variety of products, so you’re sure to find the right medication for your needs. Finally, the staff at these pharmacies make it easy to answer any questions you may have.

For more information on compounding pharmaceuticals, visit Kiwi Pharmacy online.

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