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Summer is Coming – It’s Time for Tree Pruning, Spraying & Root Fertilizing

Tree pruning in progress
Tree pruning in progress

Have the trees on your property had their health check-up? Did you know that tree and hedge longevity and safety can benefit from regular tree maintenance by a knowledgeable, certified arborist?

Larry Kwak, owner of Pine Valley Tree Services, is proud of his family’s three generations of tree care.

“We want homeowners in the B.C. Interior to know that there is a locally-owned business that cares about the long-term health of every tree,” Kwak explains. “Right now is a good time to assess the pruning, spraying, and fertilizing needs on your property.”

With a tree stewardship routine, your property can be maintained in a safe condition going into the 2022 summer fire season - and you’ll know your trees are at optimal health and growth. The company is booking now for late spring/summer consultations and trimming services.

Spraying & root fertilizing
Spraying & root fertilizing

Pine Valley Tree Services provides the following core recommendations and notes that every tree on your property should be assessed every 2-3 years, with fruit trees requiring annual treatment for prime fruit production. Check-up recommendations include:

• Pruning – appropriate growth guidance, elimination of any property fire hazards, maintaining visual aesthetics, and annual growth optimization
• Spraying with Dormant Oil – seal your trees against insect predators with horticultural oil
• Fertilizing Roots – absorbing deep root fertilizer should be provided on a regular basis, depending on soil quality

“It’s critical that we help homeowners understand the science behind proper tree management,” Kwak said. “We see stunted tree growth (that’s common with improper stub pruning), that can be avoided by consulting a certified arborist. Unhealthy sap circulation, reduced fruit production, and tree rot are the unfortunate by-products of improper pruning. We pride ourselves in caring for every tree and considering no job too small.”

Contact Larry and his team at Pine Valley Tree Services today to find out how a tree maintenance program can help your property’s trees enjoy year-round health for decades.

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