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Kiwi Pharmacy Explains Why Compounding Is Important

Kiwi Pharmacy & Wellness Team
Kiwi Pharmacy & Wellness Team
Image Credit: Kiwi Pharmacy

Kiwi Pharmacy and Wellness in Kelowna is more than a normal retail pharmacy. Their services reach beyond what you would find in any drugstore to include onsite compounding, travel medicine vaccinations, and an array of medical aesthetic skin care treatments.

“Compounding pharmacies are rare, as pharmacy owners have to invest in specialized equipment and staff training to be able to make products that aren’t available commercially," Pharmacist Chris Kemppainen explains. "Since we’ve opened in 2022, we’ve become well-known for this unique service in Kelowna."

The benefits of asking for compounded medicine include offering a choice of different formats such as creams, capsules, or syrup for easier swallowing. When recent shortages of Tylenol, Amoxicillin and other drugs occurred, Kiwi Pharmacy was able to meet the demand with compounding. Prescriptions can be customized in different strengths, and if there is an ingredient in a standard medicine that one is allergic to, it can be removed. Kiwi Pharmacy is licensed to provide compounded prescriptions, and follows all provincial and national guidelines.

Kiwi Pharmacy & Wellness Compounding Lab
Kiwi Pharmacy & Wellness Compounding Lab
Image Credit: Kiwi Pharmacy & Wellness

Kiwi Pharmacy and Wellness is conveniently located at 109 - 810 Clement Avenue in Kelowna. The store provides prompt service - with free delivery when requested by homebound customers. They also formulate their own skin care products, such as topical pain creams and lightening creams.

“The best surprise I get is when people come in and are so happy with the feel, look, and service they get here. We are seeing a lot of referrals from happy customers,” Kemppainen said.

Drop in to the store for a private consultation where you will enjoy the calm atmosphere, privacy and rooms set up for aesthetic and therapeutic procedures. Their services include:

  • Custom Compounding: Mixtures or medications that aren't available commercially are made in our on-site lab
  • Prescriptions: Efficient and prompt prescription services
  • Travel Health Advice and Immunization: On-site or virtual travel consultations to make sure you are safe and taken care of before your next trip.
  • Skin Care: Professional medical grade skin care recommendations and treatments

For more information call us at 778-940-1950 or visit Kiwi Pharmacy online.

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