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Keeping the water flowing in large construction projects

While municipal water and sewer lines can last up to a century, eventually they do need to be replaced. It’s a major project for any municipality in the Thompson-Okanagan, and a job that needs special care to keep things operating as near to normal as possible.

The City of Penticton is not alone in tackling this challenge. In 2021, it budgeted more than $4 million on water distribution projects alone. Okanagan construction companies are key partners in the repair and installation of the core infrastructure above and below these cities - such as highways, roads, sewers, and water mains. The objective is to build and maintain all physical assets to support ongoing economic growth and development.

As a sub-discipline of civil engineering, construction companies like TwinCon Enterprises in Penticton, B.C. have decades of experience on these large projects. They are brought in early on for their expertise in project management and design. These companies help to plan and execute the many details in these projects, and also transport the workers, materials and equipment necessary to keep the projects on time and within budget.

When it is necessary to replace either sewer or water lines, this can impact residential and downtown streets. Project managers are required to notify all who may be impacted - particularly when the work includes the digging of trenches in roads to accommodate new pipes being installed. This may mean an interruption of business operations, or cause parking or traffic interruptions; they strive to keep this to a minimum to reduce the impact to people living and working in the area. Water or sewer pipes will need to be temporarily diverted (you may have seen those blue pipes placed along roads this summer) to keep things flowing. After a trench is dug, time will be required for the crews to install the pipes and restore sidewalks and roads.

It’s important to choose a contractor with years of experience and an excellent reputation for high quality work and a solid safety record.


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