It’s So Important to Find the Right Dentist

It is important to address one’s oral health. This means that a person should seek out a dental clinic that will help with achieving optimal dental health.

This is where Dr. David Bobyn and his team can enter into the picture. His clinic, Glenvalley Dental Centre, is located in the heart of North Glenmore in Kelowna, B.C., on Glenmore Road. Specifically, it’s in the Glenvalley Plaza beside the Brandt’s Creek Pub. The plaza provides free parking for clients; therefore, access is quite convenient.

Dr. Bobyn has been practicing family general dentistry in the same location for over 27 years. He is a graduate of the U of S (College of Dentistry) in Saskatoon where he graduated with distinction. In his younger years, he grew up in the Okanagan Mission area of Kelowna and attended high school at OKM, before heading out to the prairies (back to where he was born) for his post-secondary studies. Even though he has called Kelowna home for decades, Dr. Bobyn says he will always be a Saskatchewan Roughriders football fan.

At Glenvalley Dental the focus is on preventative dentistry. Regular checkups with Dr. Bobyn, and cleanings with the clinic’s two hygienists are advised. Tooth decay/cavities are diagnosed while they are very small, so small that they often do not require the use of anesthesia.

Dr. Bobyn and his team do not like to rush their patient’s dental care. He indicates that he prefers to take his time, and also take photographs of his patient’s teeth before, during and after procedures. The type of dentistry that is performed at Glenvalley Dental is restorative in nature, meaning basic fillings, and crowns and bridges, etc. Dr Bobyn also likes to use his network of dental colleague specialists for referrals of difficult molar root canals, and extremely hard wisdom teeth extractions. This tends to make things easier on everybody, particularly the patient.

One area of dentistry that has come a long way in its development are implants. Dental implants made out of a metal called titanium are used to replace missing teeth in one’s dentition. Dr. Bobyn and his restorative team like to restore titanium implants with crowns and/or bridges made out of a very strong tooth-coloured material called zirconia. Once they are in place, it is like having one’s original teeth back again.

So, for your dental needs certainly contact the very friendly receptionists at Glenvalley Dental to schedule an appointment. The number to call is 250-762-7758 and their email address is The clinic is located at #201 - 437 Glenmore Road in Kelowna, BC.


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