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How the Experts Handle Hazardous Tree Trimming

Having a diseased tree or tree branch can be both a pain and a liability. But how do we know when it’s time for a trim? Okanagan tree service companies employ certified arborists to identify these hazards in order to protect people and property – and also to keep the tree healthy.

The tree experts look for all hanging, broken or damaged limbs. Another tell-tale sign can be the presence of a dead limb. Dead limbs can go unnoticed for years; this is why regular tree inspections from professionals can be beneficial. Ingrown bark can cause a tree to split or break. A tree that is leaning may indicate a weakness in the core. Although some trees have a natural tendency to lean, a professional opinion can help to clarify. When the roots of a tree are damaged, you may see wilting undersized leaves or dead branches. Tree species, age, root growth and depth, soil quality, inclement weather, trunk height and crown thickness can all be reasons for a tree to be unhealthy, and consequently unsafe.

Being able to identify the warning signs does not make one an expert on tree removal. It can be very dangerous to attempt to remove a tree without expert knowledge and training. Tree removal requires an in-depth knowledge of biology, physics, tools, and climbing and cutting techniques. Large bucket trucks are used as a quick and safe way to trim branches, and fall trees in increments, as needed.

Pine Valley Tree Services is well known – from Kamloops to Kelowna – as experts in removing hazardous trees and branches that can be an issue both for safety and long-term tree health. When looking for an estimate, be sure to check that the service provider has fully trained and certified tree fallers and Arborists who can work efficiently and safely on your property. These specialists work all year round and will be happy to drop by and help you evaluate your trees to determine the potential for any danger. They can also advise on planting replacement trees in the spring as required.

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