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Excavating for Flood Control

The year 2021 saw unprecedented floods in B.C., with more to come in 2022. Preparing construction sites for flood control, and protecting agricultural land against high water, will become a critically important part of land planning, as we adjust to disruptions in seasonal weather patterns. Beyond our weather affected by climate change, sea level rise is a new factor to consider in construction and land management.

Residential site preparation should be planned with terrain-specific details in mind. Water can be one of the most erosive elements in nature, and if not properly controlled or diverted, it can easily destroy whatever infrastructure you have erected starting with the foundation. Culvert and riprap installations utilize manufactured materials and natural slopes to control and divert excess runoff to protect the site. After the site work is complete, adding an appropriate drainage system underneath residential or commercial buildings is essential for controlling rainwater flow and erosion. Drainage is essential and can be complex when implemented in large subdivisions where runoff can create hazards for the homes built on the lower slopes.

On agricultural lands in the Okanagan, grading and flood-proofing in susceptible areas is a cost-effective way to avoid potential damage to crops, livestock and agri-buildings. Solutions include ditching, drainage such as culverts and ditches along roadways, diking, and lake and river breakwaters. A dike, or levee, is an embankment constructed along a shoreline to protect valuable land from floodwater. Typically, dikes are made of compacted earth and pumps are installed to regulate water on the landward side. Dikes can be fortified against wave action with riprap, engineered concrete blocks or vegetation.

It’s important to choose an excavation company with decades of experience and an excellent reputation for understanding the needs of the communities they work in. The team at TwinCon Enterprises has completed a wide range of projects from house foundations, landscaping and rock walls, to large subdivisions, road building, and agri-projects that take terrain-specific details into consideration.

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