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Custom Stucco Repair with a Smile

Custom Stucco Repair - Help for Homeowners
Custom Stucco Repair - Help for Homeowners
Image Credit: ADOBE STOCK

Will you be noticing unsightly stucco problems during your summer cleaning this year? Will you be heading into cold weather again, this coming fall, without fixing potential breaches in your home’s moisture barrier? Did you know that we have a B.C. stucco expert specializing in small repairs for existing homes?

Stucco Surgeon is spreading the word that now is the best time to book their professionals for large or small repairs to your home’s exterior finish. From the eastern Fraser Valley to Armstrong (and all points in-between), they have cheerful stucco technicians ready.

custom repair for cracked walls
custom repair for cracked walls
Image Credit: ADOBE STOCK

Help for Homeowners, Contractors, and Sub-trades

Stucco problems come in a variety of forms. The home healing experts at Stucco Surgeon have years of experience in timely and economical exterior repairs.

• Damage can be quickly assessed and repaired
• Previous, poor-quality repairs can be fixed to good-as-new quality
• Contractors looking for knowledgeable stucco specialists find collaborative excellence
• Sub-contractors needing a stucco expert can provide a higher level of expertise

professional home repairs
professional home repairs
Image Credit: ADOBE STOCK

Stucco Surgeon prides itself in friendly personnel, from their quotation and booking staff on the phone to their site tradespeople. Common repairs often involve:

• Filling in annoying bird holes
• Damage caused by faulty downspout pipe drainage and eavestroughs
• Discolouration from repeated moisture exposure at ground level
• Delaminating stucco
• Damage from vehicle or blunt-object contact
• Deleted windows, doors and vents

Stucco Colour and Texture Experts

Stucco technicians are talented at approximating colour, texture and blending into existing stucco. Stucco Surgeon specializes in getting the details right. Our satisfied customers often thank our crews for the pleasant surprise of the repairs.

Reach out to the Stucco Surgeon today for a convenient quotation, even for small repairs. Their staff will help walk you through their easy and efficient online quotation service. Don’t allow a small problem to grow. Let an expert help you restore your property’s value and appearance today.

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