The Low-Down on How Cannabis Works

If you’re new to cannabis and exploring solutions for stress, insomnia, pain control, or recreation but don’t want to smoke, you have several options to choose from. Call or drop by a local retail outlet, like the very approachable budtenders at Cannabission in Kelowna. They will enlighten you on product details and answer all your questions. Before you go, get up to speed on this amazing plant.

Cannabis Consumption Methods

There are three common ways to consume cannabis, by mouth (orally), inhalation, and topically. These methods allow for a personalized choice on how to consume products and control psychoactive effects. 

Oral Consumption and Edibles

Edibles are now available in your choice of gummies, chocolates, fruit chews and oral breath strips. Oral breath strips deliver fast acting CBD or THC because they bypass the digestive system, through nano-emulsion technology. Non-alcoholic cannabis drinks and beer, infused sparkling water and iced tea are available for purchase from local retailers. “Start small and go slow” is a basic principle when exploring edibles as a consumption style. 


Vaporizers slowly heat up to produce vapour and deliver THC, CBD and other cannabinoids from the product. There are new vape styles on the market that are safer because they do not burn the herb, just evaporating their essential oils. Inhalation is the most popular method of cannabis consumption, because it’s quick acting.


Topical creams and gels contain activated cannabinoids and are non-intoxicating because of lower bioavailability and are used for targeting pain and inflammation. CBD-only consumption continues to trend upward in Canada, as supported by an aging demographic seeking relief of arthritic pain and joint inflammation. 

If you’re new to cannabis and have questions concerning available products or smoke-free options, call the experts at Cannabission in Kelowna. Their budtenders have extensive industry knowledge to share with the community.


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