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Friday 27-Sep-2019


Chute Lake Lodge
9540 Chute Lake Road, Penticton, British Columbia

Event Description

RETREAT YOURSELF WOMEN’S WEEKEND IS ALL ABOUT YOU! LIFE IS BUSY, YOU WORK HARD. YOU PUT OTHERS FIRST. NOW, IT’S YOUR TURN. Could you use some time to unplug from the daily grind and get some ME time to re-charge, nurture, re-connect, slow things down, be one with nature, and take moments to savor and enjoy simple pleasures? Has your spark fizzled out lately or do you feel stuck in old patterns or habits? ...then have we got the ReTREAT for YOU!! Grab a lady friend who could use some “loving on themselves” and embrace this unique rustic experience together. Come with us and playfully kick up your heels and regain a newfound zest for life by slowing down, checking in with yourself, loving on yourself, being surrounded by love and sisterhood all while having an amazing time! EMBRACE SIMPLE PLEASURES! IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE SPLENDOUR OF NATURE, WHILE TAKING THE TIME TO NURTURE YOUR MIND, BODY AND SOUL. Break away from the daily stresses of life and reconnect with your inner self alongside other like-minded women in a serene environment of empowerment and personal growth. Experience the rugged beauty of the great outdoors while being embraced by cozy accommodations, mouth watering nutritious and nurturing meals, exhilarating personalized activities and experience a safe space to be your true authentic self, disconnect from technology, feel connected in a space of no judgement, compassion and love. The point of a Women’s wellness retreat is not just to take a day or two off for self-care, but to learn about ways to implement healthy habits into your daily life. “Our habits become our lifestyle”. While nutrition and fitness are easy places to start the discussion about holistic wellness, our health extends well beyond our physical needs. “It is ALL CONNECTED when it comes to a healthy lifestyle…our emotional health, your relationships, taking inventory and understanding stress, knowing your goals and definitions of success, and so much more. This retreat will allow you to dive deeper into these areas, opening you up to the opportunity for a transformative experience. RETURN HOME WITH PRACTICAL SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE AND MOTIVATION TO ACHIEVE WELLNESS FOR A LIFETIME. LOCATION Chute Lake Lodge Nestled in the mountains above the Naramata Bench and the Okanagan Provincial Park, this extraordinary setting is a place unlike any other. Experience the awe of its natural beauty and feel the essence of its deep rooted history. Questions ? Please reach out to

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