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Wednesday 11-Sep-2019 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM


Village Green Hotel Complex
4801 27 St, Vernon, BC Phone Number: (431) 777-5653

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Food Action's vision is of a community where access to healthy, sustainably produced local food is the norm. They believe issues like environmental change, economic uncertainty, food insecurity, and social inequality affect everyone in a community. Through collaboration, they can find solutions that make our community more resilient and secure. Their mission is to improve individual and community food security by cultivating a healthy, sustainable regional food system via education, community action, programming, policy development, and partnerships. For more information on how you can support the organization you can click on this link: The Human Condition Comedy Tour will be a ground breaking and historic journey. Three comedians will be traveling all across this great country to lift spirits and raise money for several different local charities and causes with the support of their sponsors, friends, families and fanbase. This will be a monumental tour. "We wanted to put on a tour that represents human connection amongst anything. Regardless of our differences it's always beautiful to be able to find a common cause that brings everyone together." The Tour consists of three comedians: Shawn Gramiak: For almost 20 years, Shawn Gramiak has been a comedian, educator, writer, entrepreneur and award-winning public speaker and podcaster. He’s much more than just a hot blond with a great set of wits! Scott Porteous: In the 16 years that Scott has been performing comedy he's been able to perform all over the U.S & Canada sharing his style of humour with several different audiences. He's performed at The Winnipeg Comedy Festival and can be heard on Sirius XM. Nadine Hunt: Nadine has been credited as an amazing story teller. Her ability to draw you in with her wit and charm has captivated and entertained audiences from all over. She's not only a great comedian, she's also a writer, an actor and most importantly a mom. For more information about the tour click on this link:

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