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Friday 15-Nov-2019 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM


Bean Scene Coffee Works
1615 Dickson Ave # 100, Kelowna, British Columbia

Event Description

Whether in our working lives or at a personal level, relationships have the potential to add fulfillment and meaning to our lives or cause disappointment and unhappiness. Unfortunately, we get little training or learning in one of the most fundamental aspects of human behaviour that affects our personal and professional relationships: Our Personalities. This 2-hour workshop helps explain what motivates people with different personalities and temperaments. Learn where you fit in this world and why you do what you do. How your personality interacts with those around you and how you can use that to get more out of what you want in life or in your business. Combining theory, discussion and self-awareness exercises, this workshop provides an excellent vehicle to enhance your interpersonal interactions and increase personal effectiveness in all areas of life. The concepts, skills and learning provide essential insights for all who want to better understand and influence others or who wish to broaden their self-awareness.

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