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Thursday 16-Apr-2020 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM


430 2339 Hwy. 97N Phone Number: (250) 979-7920

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Simple activities that will keep the path clear for information travelling to your brain You have more than 100 joints in your spine. Do you know what it takes to keep those joints healthy? Chiropractors Dr. Kent Rempel and Dr. Emily Burton will be sharing vital information about the importance of your spine. Just like brushing your teeth every day, there are simple and effective things you can do to maintain the health of the spine. Not only can this help symptoms like neck pain and back pain, but it may unlock the potential for greater health and well-being overall. In this session, you will learn: -The joints and ligaments in your spine send very important feedback information to your brain about what's going on in your body. -When these joints get "stuck" there is a lack of information that reaches the brain - this can lead to a variety of health problems including neck pain and low back pain. -Simple exercises and activities to adapt into your daily life to enhance the health and function of your spine. About Drs. Kent and Emily Dr. Kent Rempel is a Saskatoon native who moved to Kelowna to take advantage of the outdoor lifestyle. He played for the University of Saskatchewan football team for three years before he was taken out of the sport due to injury. Recovering from the injuries led him to the world of chiropractic. He is passionate about keeping your body in optimal shape so that you can continue doing the things you love for a lifetime. Dr. Em Burton is a chiropractor who puts her heart and soul into lifetime wellness for the whole family. She believes that health comes from within and that by making your lifestyle top-notch, your health and enjoyment of life can be top-notch too. She specializes in all things slow-living, mindful, sustainable, and soulful. You can usually find her somewhere outside with her goldendoodle, Stella. What is Spotlight? We know that staying up to date on today’s big ideas and tomorrow’s big trends is a job in and of itself. As the world’s first working, learning and growing store – we are excited to be introducing Spotlight : a new community gathering and learning space. Spotlight will engage communities with knowledgeable experts to both inspire, inform, motivate and educate. Spotlight is a space accessible to persons that use mobility devices. We encourage people from all backgrounds to participate in our public programming

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