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Friday 31-Jul-2020


Gaia Muna Shamanic Retreat Centre
3201 Lionel Road, Salmon Arm, British Columbia Phone Number: (250) 306-0110

Event Description

3 Day Shamanic Silence Retreat is 3 days and 2 nights where you will enter into deep Shamanic Silence and will remain in silence for the entire journey. Communication with others, even with body language is not within the nature and purpose of this retreat journey. Tara Wayshower (who will, at certain times, speak as a Teacher /Wayshower) will be teaching and guiding you in various silent meditations and shamanic exercises. Each day /evening there will be specific rituals and ceremonies designed to purify, cleanse, and heal. There will be a basket where attendees may write out questions or ponderings which Tara Wayshower will answer and address during the teaching times. Environment and Accommodations: ** NOTE: only 8 people per Retreat (4 longhouse sleep spaces, 4 tent sleep spaces) This is an elemental and primitive living experience primarily outdoors to free and heal your mind, soul, and body from the tensions of modern living, returning back to Mother Earth and the simple ways of existence: • very simple vegetarian foods provided daily • living water directly from Earth source • outdoor fire areas • covered outdoor kitchen to prepare your own tea /beverages and snacks • 3' x 8' (approx) sleeping space in covered, open air longhouse - bring your own bedroll • OR tent space for your own tent - bring your own bedroll • private outdoor shower area • composting toilets • no clocks - only natural light (sun /moon) and natural dark • no electronic devices Some reasons to enter into Shamanic Silence: 1. The World is Changing - the modern constructs of society, politics, finances, housing, humanity are all changing. Higher human consciousness is rising. More and more people are feeling the Energetic Shift and are rising to match the frequency. Love and authenticity to the Higher Self is moving into their rightful places in the forefront of our daily lives. Some will not answer the call to this awakening and will remain asleep. Those who do step into their light will shine so brightly the Universe will open up for them. Shamanic Silence retreats can open you and lead you toward your personal Shift. 2. Taming the Ego - in silence we begin to recognize that ego is wrapped up in stories. When we are forced to quiet our storytelling we come to hear and know what is important: our growth as a human and our contribution to the world. 3. Communication - it may seem counter intuitive to learn about better communication by being silent. But you will soon find out that much of the talking we do is shallow, unnecessary, and egoistic. You will cultivate a deeper and more authentic way of BEing. 4. Physical needs - during the retreat you will be spending very little time worrying about your body and what it thinks it needs. You will eat very simple food, wear simple clothing, and move in simple spaces. 5. Syncing with Earth - you will always be breathing fresh, flowing air, you will match your daily activities to the cycles of the sun and moon, resting when it is dark, rising with the sun, responding to natural sounds and sights. 6. Clarity - you will become incredibly aware of what goes on within and without. Your intentions will become defined. With distractions tamed, you gain clarity and insight into the issues, dynamics and relationships in your life. There is great wisdom and peace in this. 7. Time - when we take time for our soul we begin to understand and appreciate who we really are. We also understand that our time here on Earth is limited and there is much more to this existence than keeping our physical body alive. By taking time, we learn to 'create' time in more fulfilling ways. 8. Reset your life - we can get very lost in the modern construct of this society. Living the way most people do comes at a spiritual and energetic cost. Eventually we pay that cost so much that we find ourselves broke. It is imperative to reset and recharge so that we can live our best lives.

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