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Saturday 01-Aug-2020 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


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Kelowna Phone Number: (250) 469-1099

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Reiki Master Training Level 2 - $275.00. Click the link above to register. First degree Reiki is the beginning of an exciting and unfathomable journey filled with self discovery, personal change, love, growth, new experiences and a profound sense of bonding with a higher power. The second degree is the next giant step towards understanding and becoming fully attuned to Reiki. Everyone attending the second degree workshop must have already completed the first degree. Students need to have been given the first degree attunements and the knowledge required to skilfully work with Reiki. Unlike the first degree, students normally would have obtained experience, skill and a level of intuitive understanding towards the unlimited power of Reiki, although this is not necessary. Most second degree students no longer fear or harbour scepticism towards Reiki. We see a lot of students only desire to take the first level for themselves and their pets. This is perfectly fine. TRUST your inner truth. How Root Chakra Reiki Believes Reiki Works Reiki is omnipresent-present everywhere at the same time. Reiki is omnipotent-absolute and infinite power. Reiki is omniscient-infinite wisdom and knowledge. Every cell in the human body has its own individual position and responsibility. However, each cell is also unequivocally connected to and is unconsciously communicating with all the other fifty-trillion cells in the body. Science & Quantum Healing tells us about how the entire universe is connected. Science has done a study found when giraffes began causing serious damage to trees by eating more of the tree than normal, the trees responded by increasing the amount of tannin in their leaves. This defensive action made the leaves too bitter for the giraffes to eat. Scientists discovered the trees were communicating with gases — an energy with intelligence. Likewise, Reiki is also energy with intelligence.

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